Semi Permanent

semi permanent makeup

Semi Permanent make up artistry is an ideal solution to the constant and painstakindly process of applying cosmetics.It is an intricate and manual procedure, in which pigments are drawn into the upper layers of the skin. In turn, this process mimics makeup and enhances ones features, with long lasting results. Imagine not having to recreate then second guess your make up skills!

Imagine waking up every day with brows that are on point and in place! What ever your lifestyle may be, semi permanent make up is an ideal solution, particularly solving the problem of smudging and reapplying.

So what is our technique of choice?

At Beauty Code Studio, we utilise the innovative Nanopollen Semi Permanent method, which provides a powder or shadow mist effect. This technique mimics the appearance of softly defined brows, without the use of individual hair strokes, achieving beautifully arched and all over shaded eyebrows. The tattoo lasts between 1.5 to 2 years, depending on skin type, skincare regimen and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

  • As this tattoo is not forever, it allows you to change the style, shape and colour.
  • More importantly, you are not stuck with this tattoo, in turn requiring laser.
  • As this procedure is applied only to the upper layers to the skin, it is painfree with no anaesthetic required.
  • There is no blood loss and no trauma to the skin, allowing zero down time.
  • Moreover, the healing process is gentle and does not require any medication.
  • The colour fades naturally and does not throw off or turn into shades of pink, grey or blue, as that of the permanent tattoo.


  • What is semi permanent make up?

Semi-Permanent Make-up is a new generation of the permanent tattoo which has many differences. It is not so deep and don't stay forever. Pigments applied on the surface of the skin which allows not to change the pigments into blue and pink shades and also doesn't stay forever as an old tattoo style.  Its a non-surgical treatment that replicates flawlessly applied ‘conventional’ cosmetics through the infusion of colored, pharmaceutical grade pigments into the skin. Results are immediate and long lasting, bringing balance and definition to facial features.

  • Who is semi permanent suitable for?

Every woman who wants to feel good about her self and confident that her make up application is faultless with an endurance way beyond anything conventional cosmetics can offer! Brows & Beyond also offers life-changing benefit to alopecia sufferers or those who are suffering / will suffer hair loss following chemotherapy. (NOTE – It is advisable to have the treatment done prior to the chemotherapy and the subsequent hair loss, particularly with the eyebrows. The reason for this is so that your natural hair growth patterns can be taken into consideration, so that when your eyebrows do grow back, they will exist in harmony with the tattooed brow).

  • Is permanent make up safe?

Absolutely! We follow a strict code of conduct that ensures the safety of our clients. Meticulous standards of hygiene are followed with the use of disposable cartridges, gloves etc. We are trained to the highest EU standards, and only use state-of-the-art equipment and hypoallergenic pigments.

  • Does it hurt?

Client comfort is an important aspect of all semi-permanent procedures. It doesn't hurt, but is rather more uncomfortable than unbearable. Be assured, we use the best topical numbing agents, throughout the procedure ensuring your maximum comfort.

  • How long do the result last for?

Semi-Permanent Cosmetic procedures can last for many years. The actual length of time is variable and depends on factors such as UV / sun exposure, skin type, beauty regimen, the density of color implanted into the skin (softer enhancements do not last as long as strong, bold enhancements). All enhancements will require a color boost or top up every year or two to maintain their crispness and color.

  • Can I play sport or swim immediately after procedure?

We recommend that you avoid sport on the day of the procedure, and avoid swimming (fresh or salt water), saunas and steam rooms for at least 6 days or until the skin has fully healed as this could cause infection and the tattoo to fade!

  • How quickly will my procedure heal?

We recommend that you avoid sport on the day of the procedure, and avoid swimming (fresh or salt water), saunas and steam rooms for at least 6 days or until the skin has fully healed as this could cause infection and the tattoo to fade!

  • How will I look immediately after procedure?

Brows procedures are barely noticeable, usually only appearing slightly darker. In rear cases eyes may swell a little, but this generally only lasts for a day.

  • Can I wear a makeup afterwards?

We advise not to wear normal cosmetics until the skin has healed as this may cause infection and/or hinder the healing process. If you absolutely have to, a light application of newly opened mineral make-up using new / clean brushes and wands is permitted, but we would rather you keep the treatment site hygienically clean and lightly moisturized to promote efficient healing. Once healed you can wear as much make-up as you wish, although you probably will not need to!

  • How long does the procedure take?

Most procedures take between 1.5 – 2.5 hours start to finish.

  • Will the enhancement look false or unnatural?

Absolutely not! My signature brows, eyeliner and lips are always natural and appealing. I maintain that a person looks best with a ‘fresh faced’ look rather than a heavy unnatural look.

  • What if I am on the medication will it affect the procedure?

There are some medications that are contra-indicated. It is vitally important that you discuss medications you are taking with us at your consultation.

  • I have suffered with cold sores in the past, will this affect my lip enhancement?

This needs to be discussed with your aesthetician at the consultation. As a preventative measure, you will need to see your doctor prior and take a course of medication to prevent a cold sore break out.

  • Can my poorly tattooed eyebrows be fixed?

In most cases they most certainly can, however your expectations need to be realistic as results are not always comparable to a fresh, new brow procedure. Poorly shaped, unnatural colour brows need to be corrected using corrective pigments and sometimes the use of removal solutions to fade or remove old pigment, and can take several treatments to see an improvement.