At Beauty Code Studio, we work to not only improve the appearance of your eye lashes and brows, but also to reconstruct from within.

We offer treatments that will enhance not only the most important facial feature, but revitalise and create a whole new image. In turn, lashes will be lifted, curled, lengthened and volumised for a long period of time.

No longer will you need to worry about lashes extensions, curling the lashes and applying mascara. No longer will you need to worry if the curl will last or the mascara wont flake. No longer will the rain frighten to destroy all your make up.

Lashes will be encased in high quality ingredients, keeping them strong whilst beautiful, protected from all the harshness of the environment.

Particularly ideal for those who seek a naturally fresh appearance, helping to always look and feel confident, regardless whether outdoors or indoors, day or night.

Velvet for Lashes & Brows
  • This process is considered the No.1 in Europe, due to it containing vitamins, organic components and peptides.
  • The composition does not include silicone, rather silk, which means that the hairs are more dense, the lashes are more curled and volumised, all without the stiffness, creasing or twisting.
  • The process effects not only the lash stem, but also lash root, with results showing an increase in the volume and amount of lashes by the fourth week.
  • With time, lashes become stronger with less fall out, increasing the life span of the lash hair.
  • Unlike other procedures on the market, whereby the lashes suffer or clients need to upkeep for aesthetic purposes, this process ensures that lashes improve with time, with upkeep meaning a healthy boost.
  • Suitable for those with sensitive eyes and suffer from hayfever and allergies, as the process is hypoallergenic.
LVL  (Length, Volume  Lift)
  • An innovative setting serum, which has more power than any mascara claims and promises, which straightens and lifts your natural lash at the root. Lashes are lengthened, lifted and volumised, creating a naturally open eyed effect.
  • The immediate results last between 6 to 8 weeks and are most ideal for those who want to maintain their natural lashes, have a low maintenance beauty regimen or a busy lifestyle.
  • This process is hypoallergenic.